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About Us

When we realized that in an increasingly digital world, insurance customers are missing the human touch of a trusted agent, we wanted to bridge this gap by building conversations all the way from policy creation to payout. We are joining the race to bring computers to the level they can talk to humans.


We marry our team's varied expertise in building enterprise contact center software at Cisco and Avaya, and actually running call centers for large insurance providers to build this solution. 

We are based in the Santa Clara, US, and in Bangalore, India.

To enhance customer service and streamline insurance contact centers, we have developed an innovative Chat-GPT based emailbot called Fonor. Learn more about our cutting-edge solution by visiting our website.

Our Leadership Team

Satish Murthy

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Satish wants to transform the way we talk to our customers and take care of them. He founded Qualyon in 2017 to engineer a new generation of transformative technologies. At Qualyon, he drives research in artificial intelligence in areas such as Natural Language Understanding and Generation. Before that, for more than two decades, he built contact center software at organizations like Cisco and Avaya, and enterprise middleware for NEC. He uses those skills, and his passion for AI, to bring this conversational platform to market.

At his leisure, he loves to read and travel with his wife along with their Shih-Tzu! 

Pralay Ghosh

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Pralay is part of the product & process sales solution provider at Qualyon. Having worked for more than 18 years in banking & insurance, telesales, and call center, you can find him driving and connecting with nature during his leisure hours.

He is passionate about being social, tech-savvy, and oriented toward his customers. He has achieved the Young Professional Role Model at Dubai Summit and the Valued Growth Leader Award in Singapore.

He firmly believes that Customers are Kings and that society gives us numerous opportunities to create solutions. According to Pralay, a win-win situation is the best practice in the world for every problem.

Contact Us

Phone:                 USA                    +1 (408) 337-6498

                      India                 +91 8910100373/9880310483

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