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What is FaceR?

Qualyon “FaceR” is a team of AI experts working on developing Deep Learning models with technologies like Python, OpenCV and use machine learning frameworks to define, train and deploy these models supported with significant parallel processing. Over a period of time the models are curated and have been deployed for security & surveillance in several institutions.


Why FaceR?

FaceR is a generic Image & Facial recognition platform that caters to the requirement of different verticals, addressing many a usecases

Security & Surveillance

FaceR helps in detecting individuals or groups that need close surveillance, mostly for lawful activities. FaceR helps in creating a safer city for everyone. FaceR ensure that only registered and authenticated users have access to secured space. Anyone tailgating will be restricted and easily flagged by FaceR.

How Does FaceR Work?

Registration > Recognition > Identification


Think about you welcomed in hotel reception with your name and everything in place. Doesn’t it sound interesting!
FaceR as you enter the lobby will identify and flag to the lobby ambassador that you have arrived. The rest is completely automated to give a seamless experience. Your likes is mapped to your profile, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Right from your choice of non-smoking room to your special drink is all in place. Even access to your room is authenticated as you get to your room!

Customer Experience

Image of customers shopping with name embossed like the below can fit into addressing different verticals can provide your retail business with real-time insights of a customer like age, emotions, gender and identification (if he/she has visited earlier). This key insight in conjunction with advanced analytics will help businesses cater to the needs of the customers.

  • Ensure accessibility to customer requirements at ease

  • When needing insight on any product, can be real-time seeded with information

All said and done it is about putting the smile on the customers face!

  • Access Control

  • Visitor demographics

  • Density mapping

  • Premises occupancy

  • Time spent on-premise

  • Entry rate and serving rate of queue

  • Individual queue waiting time

Educational Institutions and Large Enterprises

Verticals & Applications

  • BFSI

  • Government & Defense

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Automotive

  • Others (Manufacturing, Telecom and Energy and Utilities)

  • 2D Facial Recognition

  • 3D Facial Recognition

  • Image/Object Recognition

  • Emotion Analysis

  • Analytics

  • Access Control

  • iOT & Robotics integration

  • Cloud based services

Thermal Image Inspection For Public Health And Safety

Using thermal scanners, we will be measuring the temperature of all the people who enter into any premise. Given the current challenges with Covid-19, it becomes imperative to monitor and flag any exceptions for further analysis in the interest of safe health for all. Additionally, there is option to enable check for people to wear facial mask and grant

  • Non-Contact temperature check

  • Accurate, fast and multi-person detection

  • Record and flag abnormal temperature information automatically

  • Record abnormal person image and redirect for further analysis

FaceR Intelligent Solution Brochure

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