Qualyon Inbounder is a virtual customer agent on a cloud which can handle repetitive calls like status enquiry, FAQs and ticketing calls for you 24*7. It's a revolutionary way in which you can increase customer engagement. These calls are a chance to show your responsiveness and customer service capabilities.

What can you do

with Inbounder?

Service Ticketing

Your customers can call the Qualyon Voicebot over the phone, and raise tickets, or check tickets status

Enterprise Integration

Integrate Qualyon with your enterprise applications and respond to queries with real time information

Virtual Receptionist

Whether they are calling late night, or on weekends or holidays, your customer will know that you are always available

Status Check

Do you get repetitive calls just to check status? Qualyon can offload your staff with automated status checks

Why Inbounder


With 24*7 customer support, customer reliability on your business will be increased.


Decrease customer fallouts by increasing customer engagement.


Why have callers wait endlessly, listening to music on hold? Or press 3-5 buttons?


Continuously learning, Qualyon gets better everyday. Not to mention new languages getting added

How does it work?


is a Voicebot over the Phone. When it receives a call, it responds by talking to your customer.

Qualyon can divert the call to a specific agent if required!

Better still, it can integrate to your enterprise applications and handle customer request

Qualyon Inbounder is a

Conversational IVR.

User does not have to click any buttons.

It can be trained on complex conversational use cases, and can seamlessly switch languages.

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