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Case Study: Automated Marketing Calls

Here are some statistics that might interest you from the Automated Marketing Calls made using Qualyon Outbounder. These calls were made for two different customers - one of them B2B, and the other B2C

Goal: Qualify customers from a pool of large number of leads


  • B2B Customer: Customer has 2,00,000 dead leads. These were customers who had expressed interest in customer's product before

  • B2C Customer: Customer receives about 20000 leads a month for Warranty renewal


  • For the B2B customer, they did not think they will be able to call so many leads.

  • B2C customer, on the other hand, too much time was getting wasted calling disinterested customers

Solution: Qualyon Outbounder is used to call around 1000 numbers per week, and qualify the customer. If customer expresses interest, sales executives will pursue it further


(Averaged over 1000 calls a week)

Calls Made:

As can be seen from the chart above, the total connected calls for B2B customers is somewhat higher, perhaps as a result of better quality of lead data.

Calls Answered:

In terms of actual success rates for calls, B2C fared better by about 50%. However, the per customer ROI is higher for B2B customers. Needless to say, the conversion time for B2B customers after qualification by the Outbounder is also much higher for B2B customers.


When using Qualyon Outbounder to qualify customers, significant value creation was observed for B2B calls, and significant value extraction was seen with B2C calls.


These calls were made in English, although, Qualyon Outbounder also supports Hindi.

Call Retry Policies can be carefully selected, depending on the target audience. This improves coverage.

It is important to call back qualified customers within hours, as this was seen as having a significant impact on conversion rate.

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