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Do you need to reevaluate your digital strategy?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

You need a voicebot to make your digitalization effort successful!

The customer behavior is always changing and evolving, especially with technological advancements. Many insurance companies have adopted new technologies in order to improve customer service and attract new customers.

So where is the problem?

There are a vast number of people who are not tech savvy enough to use many of the digital innovations adorning websites and apps. Tech savvy does not mean educated - it is not difficult to find people close to us who struggle with technology. Filling up details can be intimidating. There is too much text, and most web portals have not even bothered to localize. Even the best of us have to Google, before finally calling up a call center!

Voice is much better than chat

There is a reason why chatbots have not been very successful. They are never to the point and highlly scripted, limiting themselves to pre-formatted questions. And to achieve a single tasks, there are many steps to follow, almost as if a chatbot were a text version of an IVR! This is all very painful to your customer, who gives up trying to self-serve. Rare among us are people who have put on the habit of first going and checking out chatbots on a website. Most people who are not comfortable with English just don’t want to visit a website.

Are we showing digital passivity in approaching customers?

Most of the technologies employed in the name of digitalizing customer engagement are passive in nature. You wait for the customer to search out the chatbot, versus putting it in front of them.

Outbound call centers are more proactive, but they have stubbornly remained traditionally manual in their approach.

Bringing success to your digitalization efforts!

By unlocking the power of automation in voice conversations in insurance, you can transition your customers through the digital transformation process. Here are some key areas to focus on:

  • Make the customer feel cared by having many more voice conversations through the year, not just once a year during renewal

  • Help them navigate payment technologies like payment wallets by providing them useful videos using a combination of voicebots, whatsapp and short videos

  • Using a smart voicebot that can handle a range of different queries, converting a single automated call into a call that handles multiple customer concerns

  • Speak in the language that the customer understands!

A voicebot brings the glue that is needed to make your digitalization strategy successful.

Customers would like to talk. They need to talk even to understand how to go digital. Any they would like to be heard, listened to. All of this works only when voicebots are not so technologically limited that they can only handle yes/no kind of interactions (as most are).

Qualyon is an insurance focused voice conversation system that seamlessly integrates with your CRM applications, your call center workforce, and catalyzes your digitalization efforts

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