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One minute rule to grow your business

One minute rule to grow your business with the help of Qualyon voicebot.

Sales Conversions are 391% higher in the First Minute. But this rarely happens. Right Now, 55% of Companies Take 5+ Days to Respond. Today the customer is very smart and has a lot of options to choose from. If no one heard her in your company, she will dive into a magical marketplace called the internet and by the time you call her, she will be someone else’s customer.

Today even a Mid-sized business receives a lot of inquiries about their product. It's convenient for every business to have a dedicated person to answer those calls. That person can answer about 100 to 150 calls in a day. As the business grows, it becomes harder and harder to answer all the calls made by customers.

According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.

What can be done?

Hiring more people is the immediate answer given by many. Let’s understand this a bit. If you receive about 1000 enquiries on an important day. To answer all those calls you need to hire at least 6 people. Next day your business might receive fewer calls. Considering this, every business will always hire fewer people. This will definitely compromise the company sales and growth.

By using Qualyon voicebot over the phone we can solve all these problems:-

  • A voicebot will immediately answer the customer queries. To be precise 24*7.

  • It can handle many calls simultaneously.

  • A voicebot will never transfer lead information to other companies.

  • Voicebot can help you reduce your operating cost.

  • With a report, you know precisely what your customer said.

All these advancements in AI have made it possible for human-machine interaction. A day will come when machines will take over and dial calls for you.


I have mentioned a few examples where a Qualyon voicebot was employed.

  • To take appointments for you and to automatically structure a day for you.

  • Used as a virtual assistant.

  • To answer all the FAQ questions asked by employees.

  • To understand the requirements of a customer.


Why would you employ a voice-bot now?

All the AI-based tech will become better and better every day. This Qualyon voicebot over the phone is a custom solution and will be built specifically for you. When it is deployed in your business, voicebot will start to understand your customers better with the help of data. A day will come when a voicebot will be much smarter than a customer agent, there would be no point in hiring a customer agent. This technology will also help you gain that competitive advantage and by employing it today you are always ahead of your competitors. Ultimately your business will grow when you take that first step. Now is the right time.


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