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What is a voicebot?

A voicebot is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based software that enables callers to navigate an interactive voice response (IVR) system through speech, usually in natural language. Callers don't have to hear a menu and press the appropriate number on the keypad. Instead, they speak to an IVR directly. It may seem like a lot of work, but when used properly, voicebot can provide the superior customer service that growing businesses require.

What are the Key elements of a Voicebot?

An AI-powered voicebot understands the speaker's request through natural language without any human intervention and uses it to convert the calls with a high success rate. Below are a few key elements required for the voicebot to function efficiently.

1. Listen:

Firstly, a voicebot needs automatic speech recognition that listens to the customer's query.

2. Understand:

Secondly, a voicebot has to understand the context of a customer's talks using Natural Language Understanding.

3. Respond:

Finally, a voicebot has to create and deliver a relevant response to the customers.

What are the benefits of a voicebot?

Voicebots benefit business operations in many ways.

1. It helps in reducing the operating costs of the business:

Voicebots increase resources and reduces live agent intervention by computerizing simple customer chats. Only those complex customer issues must be handled by the agents, thus reducing the business's operating costs.

2. It ensures the availability of service 24*7*365:

Voicebots can have millions of simultaneous conversations. It can efficiently handle spikes in call volume without worrying about upgrading infrastructure or hiring new agents. It can understand multiple languages ​​and the client's intent and respond accordingly.

3. It reduces the long call queues:

Customers usually prefer AI when given an option, whether they should wait in long call queues or get answered instantly with the help of an AI. Thus, these voicebot help in reducing the call wait time of customers.

4. It aids in enhancing customer service quality:

Although distrust persists in customers' minds regarding the call quality, on-time and swift delivery of answers to customers' queries helps the customers overcome their fear of using voicebot. Customers experience an improved human-like interaction when talking to these voicebot, ultimately aiding an outstanding service quality for customers.

What are the features of our voicebot?

There are many myths about voicebot that are unbroken even today. Let us break them by knowing the features of our voicebot.

1. Multilingual:

When it does its job well, the AI-based voice conversation system can understand multiple languages, such as English, Hindi, and Telugu. Hence, it avoids situations where two people who barely understand each other try to stumble and end the conversation.

2.Speech Analysis:

Voice AI-based systems can analyze and judge the mood of the customers just by listening to the voice and tone of their conversation. Since this is a predictable computerized system, monitoring these calls isn't necessary.

3.Human-like Interaction:

Voicebot is a two-way interactive system aiding the customers to get the feel of talking to an actual human than a voicebot. Thus, customers are happy and have a real human-like interaction with a voicebot.

4. Quick and Timely Response:

While there is constant technological change, being swift becomes essential to sustain in the market. A good voicebot should be able to understand and act at the same pace that the customer speaks. A delayed or slow response causes embarrassment and creates a wrong impression of the enterprise.

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