Pre-Built Modules

Qualyon comes with pre-packaged voice scripts for all kind of needs. Do you need to make marketing calls? Or payment or feedback collection calls? Try these demo numbers, and if they don't work for you 100%, we will be happy to improve them for you, free of cost!
Sales: Lead Qualifier

Use this Specialist Module to check if customer is interested in your product or service. Much time is wasted in identifying the right customer. Many, many more remain uncontacted. Accelerate your sales by letting Outbounder qualify customers at a basic level.

Service: Feedback Collection

Collect feedback using Outbounder, and you get the following benefits:

  • You can reach larger number of your customers, instead of a small sample

  • Customer engagement is higher, as this is a phone call. Emails and SMS tend to get ignored

  • Use Sentiment Analysis to send happy customers to provide feedback online on social media

Service: Payment Collection

Collecting payments, or nudging your customers to complete their payment is much easier with Outbounder. It will simply call your customer and when a payment or booking will be done. Perhaps the payment has already been done - Outbounder will thank them on your behalf!

Service: Appointments

Is your team spending most of their time in routine logistics of setting up appointments? Let Outbounder talk to your customer and get things setup!

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