Outbounder Caters to Many Verticals


From signing up customers for new services, to reminding customers about pending payments - Qualyon Outbounder can handle it all.


Call customers up before they come in, and help them with information that will make their stay great! And call them after their stay to tell them how you valued their stay.


Are you generating leads that your should follow up on? Call your customers to setup a demo. Or check with them on the feedback of your service


Reach out to large number of potential customers. Are you looking to rent out a property? Or market a new project? Perhaps you offer services like property management!


Connecting with your valued customers was never easier. Do you want to market services that you offer? Or perhaps you would like to get feedback from every customer you served!


Are you generating so many leads that you are overwhelmed? Let Outbounder call and market your products. You can also notify students about upcoming dates and payments


Do you want to offer extended warranty? Would you like your customers to leave feedback for you from the online sites they bought the product from?


Every minute saved is a plus for your business. Not just notify, but help partners and customers with timely answers for smooth and efficient operations.


Dealers and agents tapping every possible opportunity? Getting  the genuine feedback your customers would like to give you? Automate with Outbounder


Caters to Your Verticals

Qualyon can be used whenever you have want to provide a voice interface for your customers, partners, or employees. Checkout the sample scripts here. If they don't meet your needs, we can build them for you!

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